Message from the Board of Directors

The Treyburn Community is governed by the Homeowners Association as established for the common benefit of all members. The Association is guided by the Board of Directors who are elected by the membership and act on behalf of the Association. The ultimate objective of the Board is to provide for and maintain an attractive and quality neighborhood that we all can appreciate. Accordingly, it is a distinct privilege for each Board member to serve in this capacity and to carryout the specific functions listed below. Further, we want to ensure that Treyburn remains a great place to enjoy community life.

The Community is regulated by the Homeowners Association's Declarations and the extracted Architectural Guidelines which are available on our website. These documents provide beneficial instructions in the best interests of all residential property owners. Compliance with, and enforcement of, the provisions of these documents is essential to preserve Treyburn as a desirable community having a positive affect on the homeowner experience and requisite property values.

Since the Treyburn Community resides within the jurisdiction of the City of Durham and Durham County, these authorities provide the majority of our services. Both the City and the County government encourage residents to directly contact the appropriate Department for many residential interests, including: police (emergency and non-emergency), fire, animal control, authorized solicitors, water, sewer, speed limit signs, additional street lighting, and individual billing accounts.

Residents may also contact a respective Board member directly for matters having a community wide-impact or for suggestions to improve our residential neighborhood.

Board of Directors
Board Officers for 2016 - 2017 (term expiring)

President: David Boone (Term ending March 2018)
221 Loblloly Dr.
Vice President: Travis Clemens (Term ending March 2019)
619 Red Cedar Circle
Secretary: Shirley Lennon (Term ending March 2018)
1104 Champions Point Dr.
919-471-9868 (H)
Treasurer: Barbara Varjabedian (Term ending March 2018)
307 Villa Drive
Infrastructure: George Laing (Term ending March 2019)
633 Red Cedar Circle
Modifications: Jim Connelly (Term ending March 2019)
1226 Champions Pointe Drive
Welcome Committee: Kathleen Moore (Term ending March 2019)
1244 Champions Pointe Drive

Keli Allen
Community Manager
HRW, Inc