The History of Treyburn

Treyburn…means “three rivers” in Scottish…and…indeed…the Community got its name from its location just north of where the Eno, Little, and Flat Rivers merge to form the Neuse. It is located in an area with a rich history. For generations…the three Rivers have been essential to development in the region since they provide valuable resources necessary to support and sustain life..

All of Treyburn…including the Residential Community, Country Club, and Corporate Park…was once part of Stagville Plantation. Stagville…which was owned by the Cameron and Bennehan Families from the 1700’s until the mid 1900’s…was one of the largest plantations in pre-Civil War NC and in the entire South. It was also at the center of a thriving mercantile and milling community…and was a major stop along the Old Indian Trading Path.

This time-worn Path which stretched from Petersburg, Virginia to the Cherokee lands in Georgia…was a major inland trade route for the Indians during pre-colonial days and later became the major route for settlers, traders, hunters, and explores in the Piedmont. The path runs directly through Treyburn…and is a reminder of the rich history inside the boundaries of our Community.